"There was a man who was eating dinner at the dining room, where had a beautiful wallpaper with a nature pattern. It was a favorite room for him and his girlfriend because of this wallpaper and there was a window facing south, so the room were full of sunshine in the daytime, and also could see the beautiful garden behind the house. He was alone at the time, but there were many flies flying around and especially coming around the man who was eating food. He could not stand with this nuisance of flies, so he started to smash flies out of his temperament. But more and more he tries to smash the flies, more and more he got surrounded by them. He started to be covered slowly by all the flies, and in the end, he was completely covered and became totally black. He struggled to get rid of them and coming out from this layer of flies. But meanwhile his cells were slowly getting shrinking and morphing into a small single fly. After all, he became free, he could move and see, and he realized that his surrounding got much bigger and his hands got hairy, long black arm. he didn't know what happened, he was in panic. And suddenly, his girlfriend came in the room. He instantly flew to her face. He thought he could talk human language, but seems like she did not understood. It was just very nuisance to her. So she happen to smash a fly."

Stages of this story are followed though textile work and clothes.
Fashion Project, 2005


detail of woven textile

The beautiful nature image woven textile

silk-screen print (95x75cm)

silk-screen print ( 100x180cm)

Smashed Flies silk-screen print