"This year is the year after. I have started with cleaning."
This is the year of Horse (the Earthly Branches, provide one Chinese system for reckoning time).
The show was taking in a house of Noor who passed away last year. Noor was the mother of Frans van Tartwijk, the artist/ curator who organized this show together with another artist, Guda Koster. It is a beautiful old and spacious house, and it is going to be sold sometime this year. Before cleaning all the objects from everyday set up from her and paintings that she made, now the other art works came in and are occupying and coexisting with other objects in the house. It is a beautiful concept for the show.

In this title, "cleaning" there are many meaning to it.
I have also started the year with cleaning, in me and in my atelier, old things are gone and new thingns are coming in, with having a good hope for this the year, in the year of the horse.

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